The Great Wine Tour From Milan - Discover and Taste Barolo and Spumante

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This wine tour was especially studied to satisfy even the most hard to please wine lovers.

On this tour you will discover some of the most famous Italian wines, visiting two different wine region: Monferrato and Langhe, both belonging to the Unesco World Heritage.

In the morning start your tour having a look at the nice sloping hills of Monferrato: the enchanting colours, flavours and savours are emotions you are going to feel again during your wine tasting.

Specifically, you will discover Barbera red wine, a precious red wine and the Asti sparkling white wine: Spumante, the Italian version of the French champagne.

This will take place in the worldwide famous "subterranean cathedrals", more than 10 km. (15 miles) of galleries dug into tufa, about a hundred feet under the ground, where millions of bottles undergo fermentation at the constant temperature of 12-14°C ( °F), In this enchanting and magic place, you will discover all the different phases of the wine production and you will experience a fantastic tasting. 

The lunch will take place on a family-run cellar, where will be provided as well some local grappa (Moscato, Chardonnay and Barbera) as digestive.

In the afternoon you will moove to Langhe . In this area, you'll have the opportunity to have a short visit to an ancient medieval castle, very interesting for its arts and history, located on a small town on the top of a hill.

Later you will moove to a family ruled winery, located on the top of a hill dominating the whole area, with a breethtaking view over the vine-striped region.

At the end of the visit of the wine-cellars, discover the taste of Barolo, considered the king of the red wines.

After this tour, italian wine will have no more secrets for you.

From EUR 189

+2 Additional options

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  • 08:45 – Departure from Milan to Monferrato
  • 10:45 – Arrival in Canelli and visit of one of the unique "Subterranean Chatedrals"
  • 13:00 - Lunch in a local winery
  • 15:00 – Visit of the castle in Langhe
  • 16:00 – Barolo wine tasting on a renowned winery
  • 17:30 - Departure to Milan



- Discover in a single day two of the best wine region in Italy: Langhe e Monferrato

- Visit the unique "subterranean wine cathedrals" (Unesco World Herittage Site), wineries built under the ground

- Get a lunch in family-run local winery, with grappa as digestive.

- Enter a Medieval castle in a Langhe region village

- Visit a superb winery in the Langhe, where Barolo is made (Unesco World Heritage Site)