Highlights of Milan: Walking Tour

Starting from via Manzoni, in the very hearth of Milan, the tour will lead through ancient and modern time. The narrow streets of the charmingly trendy Brera district hide one of the most poetic spot in the city, well hidden from the crowd of the surrounding area: the Botanic Garden. Medicinal plants, different flowers species and the trees make this place special and intimate for the Milaneses. On the way, many remarkable churches will be crossed, such as the Basilica of San Marco, where Mozart played during his stay in Milan, and, worth a little detour, San Simpliciano, one of the four basilicas founded by St. Ambrose in the four corners of Milan. The interior is filled with works of art. Then Corso Garibladi, wirh its luxury windows and Ponte delle Gabelle: this bridge is an evocative place to imagine how Milan used to be when the Navigli (Canals) still flowed around the city and barges carrying goods sailed from the countryside into the city center. In fact it’s here that barges sailing along the Martesana Canal had to stop and pay customs duties. The modern skyline starts then to rise up behind Porta Nuova, one of the Gates on the Spanish Ramparts that once surrounded the city. Here is located Eataly Smeraldo Concept Store, a 3 floors dedicated to restaurants and a great selection of Italian foods. Going on, the pedestrian Corso Como hides a beautiful inner courtyard which is certainly worth a visit.

Our walk pass by Piazza Gae Aulenti, the heart of a vertical steel and glass district that has developed since 2007 and ends in the former workins-class district of Isola, nowdays a lively area for young people with lots of bars and wine bar. In one of them, before concluding the tour, we'll get a wine tasting.