Lake Como - The Classic Tour Como, Bellagio & Varenna

Let the city behind you and spend a day in a magical place that inspired and still inspires many artists and celebrities. In the so called Classic Tour we will bring you to discover the best that Lake Como has to offer to its visitors. Let us driver come to pick you up from your hotel on a comfortable mini-van equipped with wi-fi and minibar and enjoy the drive. In less then 1 h. driving, we’ll be in Como, the lake capital, where our guide will make you walk among historical monuments, like the cathedral with its Lombard-Gothic facade, the Broletto palace, the Municipal Tower and Piazza Verdi with its elegant theatre. From Como we will then head toward North, along the picturesque western bank of the lake (Statale Regina), stopping at some beautiful observation point for a glass of prosecco or a soft drink. Once in Lenno we will continue our journey by boat. First stop over is Bellagio, the “Pearl of the Lake” because of its great position on top the ridge separating the two branches of the lake. The town will surprise you with the great and aristocratic atmosphere and is famous “Climbs”, charming staircases with lovely silk workshops. After a break for lunch and some free time that you can spend for shopping or just for relaxing on a bench facing the lake, we will complete our trip reaching the lovely town of Varenna, on the east bank of the lake, a place that boasts a wide and rich architectural heritage and a beautiful natural surrounding.

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The Great Wine Tour From Milan - Discover and Taste Barolo and Spumante

This wine tour was especially studied to satisfy even the most hard to please wine lovers. On this tour you will discover some of the most famous Italian wines, visiting two different wine region: Monferrato and Langhe, both belonging to the Unesco World Heritage. In the morning start your tour having a look at the nice sloping hills of Monferrato: the enchanting colours, flavours and savours are emotions you are going to feel again during your wine tasting. Specifically, you will discover Barbera red wine, a precious red wine and the Asti sparkling white wine: Spumante, the Italian version of the French champagne. This will take place in the worldwide famous "subterranean cathedrals", more than 10 km. (15 miles) of galleries dug into tufa, about a hundred feet under the ground, where millions of bottles undergo fermentation at the constant temperature of 12-14°C ( °F), In this enchanting and magic place, you will discover all the different phases of the wine production and you will experience a fantastic tasting.  The lunch will take place on a family-run cellar, where will be provided as well some local grappa (Moscato, Chardonnay and Barbera) as digestive. In the afternoon you will moove to Langhe . In this area, you'll have the opportunity to have a short visit to an ancient medieval castle, very interesting for its arts and history, located on a small town on the top of a hill. Later you will moove to a family ruled winery, located on the top of a hill dominating the whole area, with a breethtaking view over the vine-striped region. At the end of the visit of the wine-cellars, discover the taste of Barolo, considered the king of the red wines. After this tour, italian wine will have no more secrets for you.

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PRIVATE TOUR - Spumante Wine Tour in Franciacorta with Bergamo - a taste of Italy

This exceptional day-trip gives you the opportunity of a visit to a magnificent city such as Bergamo, and at the same time to discover one of the most important area for the production of Prosecco wine in Italy. Bergamo is a very special city: his oldest part (città alta-upper town) has been grounded on the top of a hill, completely surrounded by the ancient walls, from where you have a spectacular view over the Po-plane. There is also downhill the second part of the city (città bassa-lower town), where the important economical heart of the city is pulsating. During your visit you are going to concentrate your attention on the upper town, feeling the experiance of living in a middle-aged city with outstanding buildings and magnificent squares.   In the early afternoon, after the free time for lunch, you are going to moove to a wine region called Franciacorta, very famous in Italy and all over Europe for the production of Spumante Wine. In Franciacorta you will visit two different wineries: a big one, where you can have a look at the different steps of the production of wines and a smaller one ruled by a family where you are going to feel also the love for the tradition and the territory. In both the wineries you will have the opportunity to taste the different wines produced, having a walk into the vineyards and have a chat with local sommelier...   !THE TOUR IS AVAILABLE EVERY DAY ONLY ON REQUEST AS A PRIVATE TOUR - MAX. 7 PARTICIPANTS!

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The romantic charme of Lake Como on a cruise to Bellagio

Already in the old Romans age the richest families and the most famous people tried to purchase a villa on the shores of Lake Como: today this tradition goes on with the VIPS ( actors, footballplayers, politicians, artists, fashion-designers...) who spend their holidays in this area, cosidered one of the most beautiful places in this region. Imagine to enjoy your time staying on a boat, rocked by the gentle waves of the lake, with a spectacular view on its shores. Here many historical villas have been built, very often surrounded by magnificent gardens decorated with azaleas and rodhodendres.   Even in winter time, when the atmosphere on the lake gets still more romantic, a day-trip to Como Lake is a must not to be missed!   In the morning start with the visit of Como town: villa Olmo with his magnificent garden, the ancient walls of the town, the typical narrow streets of the city-center and the cathedral are some of the highlights you will discover with your guide. After the visit of Como a pleasant cruise from Como will take you to Bellagio, crossing along the most beautiful part of the lake. Our guide will spot out all the villas and the interesting points visible from the shores. Once you reach the "pearl of the lake", the small village of Bellagio, a breethtaking view over the three different branches of the lake will impress you. As always, a glass of prosecco will be offered by MilanoWow staff!

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Discover the heart of Food Valley + Ferrari Museum Experience

This tour has been created for those who want to combine the love of Made in Italy food with the passion of car's engines. We will take you to the discovery of the tricolor food valley through an itinerary where you will have the opportunity to know first hand the producers of the most imitated foods in the world and to touch the legend of Ferrari. The first stop will be at a cheese factory of Parmigiano-Reggiano, where you will visit the production plant and you will have the opportunity to know all the steps in the production of this excellence in Emilia. The visit includes a full tasting of different types of Parmesan, cold meats, honey and jams and local wine. The second stage includes a visit to an historic “acetate” that produces Balsamic vinegar in Modena since 1605. Having reached the 17th generation of producers, in the course of its history, the acetate has won numerous awards for its quality and was chosen by the Duke and by some popes of the Roman church as official supplier. The producers will open the doors of the company and the tour will end with a tasting of various types of balsamic vinegar. The afternoon will be dedicated, instead, to visiting the Ferrari museum in Maranello, to discover the most iconinc Italian car brand in the world, a stone's throw from the factories where they produce the legendary cars "with the horse." If we are lucky we will have the opportunity to meet the legendary Ferrari mechanics coming out of the stables.

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Jewels of Milan's Lake District: Lake Maggiore & Lake Orta

Milano boasts one of Europe’s most beautiful lake districts, and this day-trip will give you everything you absolutely cannot miss: Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta in a single day. Let us driver come to pick you up from your hotel on a comfortable mini-van equipped with wi-fi and minibar and enjoy the route. Our guide will take care of you in order to make you spend a free-streed day. Once arrived in Stresa, the most aristocratic town of the area, we’ll board on a private boat toward the enchanting Isola Bella, home of one of the most influencing and powerful dynasties in Italy and its treasures:  Borromeo residence and its gardens. For the lunch break, we can decide either to enjoy free time in Stresa or to reserve for a gourmet lunch in a picturesque restaurant at a stunning location between the hills with breathtaking views of Lake Maggiore and the surrounding mountains (the cost will be 40 euro per person). After the lunch break, the afternoon will be dedicated to a wonderful hidden gem of the Lake District, Lake Orta. We’ll drive to Orta lake following a panoramic route. With its small surface, this charming lake and its romantic views, not to mention the marvellous art-deco villas and its crystal clear blue waters will surely seduce you. We'll take a walk on the town of Orta San Giulio, enjoying the laid-back atmosphere that characterizes this lake. A visit by boat to San Giulio island, that seems to emerge from Medieval Time, is a must that we’ll not miss. The trip back to Milan is scheduled in the late afternoon.